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How to Determine If Your Trees Are Diseased?

»Posted by on Mar 23, 2020 in Tree Removal | 0 comments

Trees that are infected with diseases could cause a harmful risk to your home and your family since they eventually become weaker and they could possibly fall even if you don’t anticipate it to happen. Check out the following typical indicators that your trees have diseases and get ready for the things you should do once you observe some in your landscape: 

Discolored leaves  

All through the fall season, it’s really normal that leaves will change its colors. However, once you observe green leaves that turn brown or yellow throughout the seasons particularly spring or summer, it could be an indicator of root rot.  

Shelves found on the tree’s base 

A definite form of fungus that typically infests in Oak trees may be determined in trees that contain limited branch development. However, you can also determine its presence if you can see the emergence of brown-colored shelves beside the tree’s base. Those trees that are affected with this fungus are pose the hazard of possibly falling earlier after the symptoms are apparent.  

Hoof-shaped developments  

A typical type of fungus that can be observed on Hickory, Cherry, and Maple trees looks like a solid, grey development that looks like a hoof of an animal. This fungus should be entirely eliminated. Otherwise, it will keep on spreading and growing.  

Fluid seepage  

When your trees have fluid pooling that’s similar to slime at their base or absorbing from the bark that leads to creating streaks and dark lines on the trees, there’s a probability that it is already diseased.  

Peeling bark  

Barks are there to protect the tree’s core and to maintain your trees to be healthy. Also, bark falling off a tree or being removed could cause your trees to be exposed to destructive features and wood-boring insects. Once you notice huge pieces of bark that are gone from your tree, it would be best to contact the experts when it comes to tree care company that can handle several tree services that can help your tree to be healthy and maintained as much as possible before your trees will lose all the needed nutrients for them to develop.   

What to do if my tree does not show any warning signs stated above? 

 If your trees in your yard are not displaying any warning signs based on the aforementioned ones, contact the tree professionals at Evanston Tree Care Company. Our certified and licensed arborists will help you know about the stage of a disease that your trees might be in. Also, they will suggest a safe removal or remedy for your yard to keep looking as lively and green as possible. Reach us through emailing us or contacting us directly using our hotline numbers for you to know more regarding our offered tree removal and tree maintenance services. We also offer estimates free of charge. Hence, if you want to book a schedule to have your yard estimated, do not hesitate to let us know for you to be assisted right away. 

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